KENZIE (big reunion)

Kenzie started DJing when he was 13 through his first love is for Pirate Radio and the underground music scene. Along with two friends – Mus and James – he started a group DJing and MC’ing and The Blazin Squad originated from this.

Blazin Squad signed with Warner Brothers when Kenzie was only aged 15 and had eight Top Ten hits including “Crossroads,” their first single produced that achieved the No. 1 spot on the charts. They had two gold selling albums and embarked on four national tours where they played to sell out crowds all over the country. Collectively the group sold over 2.5 million records and made over 125 TV appearances. They also had a very successful international career having big hits in Germany, Holland, Norway, Thailand, Turkey and many others.

Also, he had an autobiography published by Harper Collins despite being only 19 on the day that he went into the ‘Big Brother’ house.

He is a regular guest on numerous TV and radio shows and recently came 3rd in Sky 1’s Cirque De Celebrite.

Kenzie’s new band is “Friday Hill,” along with 2 other members of Blazin Squad – Mus and James- and their first single ‘Baby Goodbye’ hit top five selling over 100,000 copies. They are currently recording their new album and performing round the country.

Kenzie is also now focussing on his DJing career – playing a mixture of slammin’ electro beats and funky house. He also mixes in some hip-hop flavas and polishes it with an urban twist that has got dancefloors jumpin’ nationwide.

In September 2008 Kenzie was back on the small screen as one of the contestants on ITV2’s high profile show CelebAir.

Kenzie is also taking part in The Big Reunion, with new supergroup 5th Story, and will be on the road for The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour.

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