FIVE STAR, have come a long way, since their humble Beginnings in a small Village on the outskirts of London called, Romford in Essex.

Renowned as Britain’s answer to the Jackson Five with their dynamic sound and fabulous dance routines they rocked the British and US Pop Charts in the 80’s.

The Pearson siblings burst onto the scene with the Name FIVE STAR, a name created by their father Buster Pearson in 1983, performing a sizzling rendition of a Demo, their father originally intended to record with Another group

After performing a song entitled ‘Problematic’ for the BBC, the group signed with a major label TENT/RCA and released their 1985 debut album ‘Luxury of Life’ and the rest is, as they say, pop history.

Five Star, scored a total of six Top 10 singles and with their #1 album in the U.K ‘Silk & Steel’ breaking Michael Jackson’s record by becoming the youngest Group, ever to top the British charts, also the first Black group to top the U.K charts in 1987.

Five Star, were named ‘Best British Group’ by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) the British equivalent to the American Grammy’s. They also played a command performance for the Queen of England, Prince Phillip, and the late Princess Margaret. And sold out 6 nights at the Wembley arena to more than 60,000 fans.

Five Star, have sold over 10 million albums around the world without ever having toured outside the U.K on Tent Records, Distributed by RCA and then later Epic Records.

‘Luxury of Life’ reached the U.K Top 5 and sold over One million copies, and went gold in the U.S.A on the Strength of the Top 20 British smash, the Grammy Nominated, single ‘All Fall Down’/’First Avenue’.

Five Star appear on some of the biggest TV shows in America, “American Band Stand, Solid Gold, Soul Train, Black film makers award show, and a special charity show raising money for cerebral palsy along with Brooke Shields, Henry Winkler (“The Fonz”) and John Ritter” to mention a few, “Five Star” represented California and “New Kids On The Block” represented New York NY. Five Star also performed for charity at “Sports Aid” in London Hyde Park.

Five Star, have been performing together for 28 years, with 32 top 100 hits on the Tent Records label. The group was launched under the direction and guidance of their Father/Manager Buster Pearson, a renowned POP/R&B Musician who played with Wilson Pickett, Muddy Waters Desmond Decker and Jimmy Cliff.

In August 2008 “FIVE STAR celebrated their 25th anniversary in the music industry members are: 
Stedman Pearson, Doris Pearson, Lorraine Pearson, Denise Pearson and Delroy Pearson.

• “Problematic” Tent PRT 4 (Oct 1983) (UK didn’t chart)
• “Hide and Seek” Tent/RCA 399 (May 1984) (UK #113)
• “Crazy” Tent/RCA 401 (Oct 1984) (UK #144)
• “All Fall Down” Tent/RCA PB40039 (May 1985) (UK #15)
• “Let Me Be the One” Tent/RCA PB40193 (Jul 1985) (UK #18)
• “Love Take Over” Tent/RCA PB40353 (Sep 1985) (UK #25)
• “RSVP” Tent/RCA PB40445 (Nov 1985) (UK #45)
• “System Addict” Tent/RCA PB40515 (Jan 1986) (UK #3)
• “Can’t Wait Another Minute” Tent/RCA PB40697 (Apr 1986) (UK #7)
• “Find the Time” Tent/RCA PB40799 (Jun 1986) (UK #7)
• “Rain or Shine” Tent/RCA PB40901 (Sep 1986) (UK #2)
• “If I Say Yes” Tent/RCA PB40981 (Nov 1986) (UK #15)
• “Stay Out Of My Life” Tent/RCA PB41131 (Feb 1987) (UK #9)
• “The Slightest Touch” Tent/RCA PB41265 (Apr 1987) (UK #4)
• “Whenever You’re Ready” Tent/RCA PB41477 (Aug 1987) (UK #11)
• “Strong As Steel” Tent/RCA PB41565 (Oct 1987) (UK #16)
• “Somewhere Somebody” Tent/RCA PB41661 (Dec 1987) (UK #23)
• “Another Weekend” Tent/RCA PB42081 Jun (1988) (UK #18)
• “Rock My World” Tent/RCA PB42145 (Aug 1988) (UK #28)
• “Someones in love” (released in the USA chart position unknown)
• “Living To Be Made” (The Duel) Tent 5 (Sep 1998) (chart position unknown)
• “Tell Me Why” (The Duel) Tent 6 (Nov 1988) (chart position unknown)
• “There’s A Brand New World” Tent/RCA PB42235 (Sep 1988) (UK #61)
• “Let Me Be Yours” Tent/RCA PB42343 (Nov 1988) (UK #51)
• “With Every Heartbeat” Tent/RCA PB42693 Apr (1989) (UK #49)
• “Treat Me Like A Lady” Tent/Epic FIVE 1 Mar(1990) (UK #54)
• “Hot Love” Tent/Epic FIVE 2 (Jun 1990) (UK #68)
• “What About Me Baby” Tent/Epic FIVE 3 Aug 1990 (UK Cancelled release)
• “Shine” Tent/Epic 657480 Oct (1991) (UK #53)
• “I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)” Tent TRIFS2 Jul (1994) (UK #84)
• “Surely” USA only release feb 1995 (USA #25) underground club hit
• “I Give You Give” Tent CDTRIFS3 Oct (1995) (UK #83)
• “I Give You Give Remixed” Tent CDTRIFS4 May (1996) (UK didn’t chart)
• “Funktafied” Tent TR 44545-2 (Jun 2001) (USA release only R&B #26)
• “System Addict 2005” Tent TR44547 (Jul 2005), (UK #46)
• “Funktafied” Tent (2001) (USA #99)
• Luxury of Life Tent/RCA PL70735 (Jun 1985) (UK #12)
• Silk and Steel Tent/RCA PL71100(Sep 1986) (UK #1)
• Between the Lines Tent/RCA PL71505(Aug 1987) (UK #7)
• Rock the World Tent/RCA PL71747 (Aug 1988) (UK #17)
• Greatest Hits Tent/RCA PL74080 (Oct 1989) (UK #53)
• Five Star Tent/Epic 46768 (Aug 1990) (US only)
• Shine Epic 48832 (Oct 1991) (US only)
• Heart and Soul TRIFSCD1 (Aug 1994) (positions not available)
• Eclipse Tent 44544-2 (Jul 2001) (US #-)
• Greatest Hits BMG/Camden 74321578222 (May 1998) (UK didn’t chart)
• Greatest Hits BMG/Camden 828765 07202 (Apr 2003) (UK #-)
• Legends 3CD Set BMG/Camden 82876 637132 (May 2005) (positions not available)
• 25th Anniversary Tent (7th Apr 2008)

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