2 UNLIMITED (Anita Doth)

Anita was born on the 28th of December in 1971 in Amsterdam. She was a lovely happy child who was always singing and performing at family gatherings. Anita has always have felt inside even when she was a very young child that she wanted to be an performing artist. Growing up Anita always stayed in touch with her artistic feelings and from time to time performed for public.

In July ’91 Anita finished her education course (secretary) and established her first ‘steady’ job as a administrator at a police station (taking care of traffic fines).

Around that same period Anita had met also with Ray Slijngaard (a good friend of Marvin D.) At the same time, there were two Belgian producers (J.P. de Coster & Phil Wilde) who had asked Marvin D. to write a rap on instrumental song (Get ready for this). As Marvin was very busy at that time he passed the assignment on to Ray. Subsequently Ray had not only wrote a  rap but also wrote a chorus which was meant to be sang by a girl… (Anita). So Ray asked Anita to sing the chorus on the lyrics he wrote for the song Get Ready For This and Anita agreed on doing so.

 Afterwards Anita & Ray went to a small studio in Amsterdam recorded this song as a demo in order to present it to the Belgian producers. De Coster & Wilde loved the way the song turned out to be and asked both Anita and Ray to participate in a pop act. They decided to call the group “2 Unlimited” and with regard to this project the rest is history….
Anita Doth became well known all over the world as the lead singer of the biggest European dance act ever! With 2 Unlimited Anita sold over 20 million records and 50 million compilations worldwide (see the 2 Unlimited the story of… and discography 2 Unlimited.)

They collected golden and platinum awards in every country of the world which made Anita the unrivalled Queen of Dance!!
After five years of – producing hit after hit, making more then 15 video clips, 45, songs, 4 albums, more then thousand of TV. & radio interviews, numerous performances everywhere, traveling to almost every country of the world, not much time was spent at home with family & friends.

2 Unlimited split up in 1996.

  One would think that Anita would take a ‘sabbatical’ or a well earned vacation, but Anita choose the opposite and as producer and presenter of the first Dutch TV show with, video’s, live acts, dancers en DJ’s from all corners of the dance scene, Anita stayed true 2 the dance scene. The show was called Welcome the Pleasure Zone and was broadcasted by the Dutch TV station TMF (now MTV).

  Those days Anita also worked as a radio DJ for a while making the play list and presenting the radio showAnita & Friends. This show was broadcasted by the Dutch radio station 538.

  But after 1 year producing and presenting, Anita said to her self: “Nothing beats making music;” so the decision was made to start concentrating on a solo career and producing a solo album (later to be released as “Reality”) In 1997, recording sessions started taking place in Amsterdam, London and New York.

  In London, Anita shared the studio with Steve Mac (Damage, Boyzone and Nomad’s “I Wanna Give You Devotion”). That collaboration resulted in four tracks with elements from UK dance, pop, drum ‘n’ bass and even chemical beats.

  New York’s House Legend Todd Terry (Brown, Robin S. and Martha Walsh) supported Anita in his hometown and wrote the single “Universe”, as well as two other songs together with her.

In Amsterdam, Anita worked with Adamski, producer of hits like Seal’s Killer as well as with , some very talented Dutch songwriters/producers (Daniel Testas, Micheal Siebert, Holger Schwedt).

  Her first solo album “Reality” turned out to be a very divers record that showed Anita’s talent for singing songwriting and producing. The singles Universe, Lifting Up My Life, and This Is Reality were released from this album and all entered the top 100 charts. Although Reality did not get the recognition it deserved Anita is and always will be very proud of her album Reality.

Diva’s of Dance is a new project that Anita is involved with as a vocalist.

  Together with Linda Estelle (lead singer of world-famous Dutch dance act T-Spoon) and (former lead singer of world-famous Dutch dance act: 2 Brothers on the fourth floor). These three talented Diva’s have teamed up to put a show together that is sure to Rock da House!

These girls share 45 international hits among them like: No Limit, Twilight Zone, Sex on the beach, Take me 2 the Limit, Never Alone, Dreams etc etc. They have only just started performing together but they already causing a stir in the Netherlands. Will they start recording together?? Will they take their show abroad?? You will find out….. soon!

Currently Anita is also writing with several musicians and songwriters and is looking forward to presenting new material to the world……… soon!

Watch ‘Get Ready For This’ here

2 Unlimited is back on tour, and holding sold out performances internationally!

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