His name is Marshall Jefferson, and when in 1986 he played piano on a house record for the first time ever, the idea was so innovative that record companies told him that it wasn’t even house music. That record was the platinum selling “House Music Anthem”, and today you rarely hear a house record without piano on.

  Since then, Marshall’s list of accomplishments in House music read like no one else; in 1987 he produced the first ever “Acid House” record “Acid Tracks” using the TB 303, and simultaneously launching the successful career of DJ Pierre.

  He produced the first house record  incorporating old time soulful spiritual vocals, launching the careers of Ten City, Kim Mazelle , and CeCe Rogers. All those early songs are blueprints for what we recognise today as deep house, garage, and Techno music.

  His legacy is that his global influence in music has changed the world forever. Today in 2002 Marshall Jefferson still remains one of the worlds busiest DJs which has seen him play in almost every country on the planet, and continues to inspire an entire generation of DJs and producers everywhere he goes.


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