LA native John Kelley has amassed an enormous fan base from a decade of touring and selling over 100,000 cds. His latest work of art, A Night in the Park, has been praised by beatmasters The Crystal Method as a stellar artist debut from the west coast breaks pioneer. Clearly, this new chapter of Kelleys career has transformed him from renowned DJ to producer on the forefront of the electronic music scene.

  The first track on the album, conveniently titled A Night in the Park, quickly explodes into a spinning cocktail of electro-tinged techno funk. As the album progresses along, the sounds range from the chunky house rhythms of Fat Stacks to the hip-hop inspired turntablism of Funkasaurus. Breaking things down on the final track, the hypnotic groove of Chopstix almost seems to emerge from the speakers, pulsating and rotating through the listeners ear canals until it retreats back into the dark, edgy depths of the Park. Armed with a sound that has been described as everything from tribal to techno funk, John Kelley has proven himself to be the leader of American breakbeat techno. Kelley and co-producers, Moontribe DJ Brian Seed, Brian Saitzyk and Simply Jeff, have put together a journey of an album a range of sounds and speeds that come together in a whirlwind of flawless electronic music. The only question is, are you up for the ride?


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Agent: Cath Mackenzie
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