JIM “SHAFT” RYAN (moneypennys)

Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan’s championing of the funkier side of house stretches even to arguably coining the phrase ‘funky house’ by naming his 1998 Miss Moneypenny’s compilation exactly that. Apparently the first published use of the phrase till proven otherwise!  In addition to that album, Jim has released a further 9 Miss Moneypenny’s albums which have all been distributed worldwide.

  With almost unrivalled access to the worlds most cutting edge house music Jim has now set up and is the head of Miss Moneypenny’s music. His first in-house A&R signing stayed true to form and made astonishing success look easy. Jim signed a then little known track by a respected German producer, “Your Body” by Tom Novy. At time of writing ‘Your Body’ has just spent 3 months in the UK top 40, peaking within the top 10. This success has led to in equal a flood of quality music being sent to Jim and a rush of signings to the lable. Miss Moneypenny’s music is now set for release series to rival any of the major house music labels. To service the label Jim has recently built new recording studios within the Miss Moneypenny’s offices. This additional asset to the label means all future Miss Moneypenny’s releases are set to be remixed by it’s in-house remix team headed by Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan himself.

  Jim’s vast knowledge and experience has recently been acknowledged by his peers through his invitation to join the University lecture circuit discussing the history of dance music. He also now hosts the Miss Moneypenny’s Show every Friday night on Galaxy FM 102.2 in Birmingham and across the UK on DAB

 With all his success Jim Shaft Ryan shows no sign of letting up. After 17 years at the top everything he does seems only to become only more relevant and integral to the club scene.  His DJ sets relentlessly push the boundaries of house music and continue to drive whichever club he plays forward. Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan is a true godfather of UK house music and long may he continue.


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Agent: Cath Mackenzie
Contact: cath@ultradj.co.uk / +44 (0) 203 375 4956